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  • Certification
  • Empresa
  • The company’s concern with the organisation, the environment, hygiene and safety of personnel and social responsibility has led to various certifications:   - For dyeing and printing products - OKO-TEX in 1992 and 1994, respectively; - GOTS certification in 2012; - Bluesign certification in 2012; - Company certified by CTW (INDITEX Group); - Quality control laboratory certified by NEXT; - ISO 9001 in 2002 for company management; - ISO 14001 in 2012 for environment; - MTD 2011 (1st stage audit by Apcer) for hygiene and safety and compliance with applicable laws; - Member of the National Network of Social Responsibility of Organisations (RSO); - Integrated information system for full traceability of all processed products; - Has been a SME Leader since 2009 and was a SME Excellence in 2010, 2014 and 2015.
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  • Ecological fibers
  • Inovacao
  • Bamboo Fibres Characteristics: Natural fibre, pleasing to the touch. Cool and comfortable to the touch. High gloss. Micro-holes and cavities that increase the power to refresh and to absorb human sweat. Antibacterial properties, non-polluting production process, biodegradable, splendid colours. UV protection. Applications: Intimate clothing and bath linen (sweaters, towels, underwear, stockings, t-shirts). Summer clothing (pregnant women and children). Hygiene and sterilising products (aprons and face masks). Decorative textiles (sofas, TV protectors, drapes, etc.).   Corn fiber Characteristics: Silk gloss. Highly resistant fibre. Highly elastic. Low absorption of natural moisture. Low inflammability and fire retardant. Renewable and biodegradable source. High UV protection, low refraction rate. Resistant colours. Lightweight compared with other fibres. Applications: Fashion textiles (underwear, sportwear, outwear, lingerie, performance wear). Home textiles (sheets, floor mats, cloths). Construction (exterior insulation). Medicine and Hygiene (implants, diapers, handkerchiefs). Plastic packages (replaces PET).   Soya Fibre Characteristics: Cashmere touch, softer. Dry and comfortable material (greater ventilation). Resistant colours with acid and reactive dyestuffs. Antibacterial fibre. Luxurious look due to its silk gloss. Higher UV protection than cotton, silk and viscose. Skin protection and nutrition effect (vegetable protein containing 16 amino acids). Biodegradable material. Applications: Underwear (properties for the skin). Bed linen (smooth and fresh fibre). T-shirts made from a mix of bamboo fibre and silk. Pullovers and sweaters.   Lyocell Characteristics: Recycled natural wood fibre (cellulose). Non-polluting fibre production process. Biodegradable (eco-friendly). High moisture absorption. Light and comfortable fibre. Luxurious and exquisite look. Smooth and soft touch. High durability and resistance. Easy care (low wrinkling and fast drying). Excellent colour adherence during dyeing. High tendency to fibrillate (suitable for creating effects). When defibrillated, takes on a peach skin effect. Applications: Women's wear (about 90%). Casual men's wear (golfing sweaters). Denim. Artificial furs. Hygiene products. Medical utensils.   Seacell and Seacell active Characteristics: Seacell with a process similar to that of Lyocell. Incorporation of ocean algae. Permanent sense of well-being. Smooth and comfortable to the touch. Skin protection/breathability. Anti-inflammatory properties. Seacell active adds silver to Seacell normal. Silver provides anti-microbial properties and even more benefits than Seacell normal. Neutralises odours. Permanent clean aspect. Applications: Workwear (gloves). Sportswear (socks and insoles). Underwear. Home textiles (floor mats, towels, bed linen). Household items. Hygiene products. Military textiles.   Lenpur Characteristics: Cellulosic fibre made of cultivated wood. Very smooth to the touch (stands out from other fibres). High level of moisture absorption and release. Thermoregulation properties. Good dimensional stability and resistance to washing. Resistance to pilling. Solid colours. Applications: Knitwear. Underwear. Lingerie. Stockings. Technical textiles.
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Why Acatel

Equipped with high technology

Advanced technology in the dyeing and mercerisation production area.

Dyeing of individual items

Dyeing of seamless items made of any raw material.

Service quality

Acatel fully complies with all hygiene, safety and medicine at work standards and endeavours to guarantee the well-being of all its personnel.

Constant investment in innovation

Acatel has been continuously specialising in knit and woven fabrics that are highly aesthetic and provide pleasant sensations.